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Have you decided to fence your backyard or front yard? If you are contemplating on the type of material you want to use, Simtek is something you should consider. Simtek is a type of Vinyl fencing which is made from a mixture of recycled and new vinyl. We install Simtek fences for residential and commercial property all across Twin Falls.

Simtek fences comes in different kind of textures shapes and design. It can be moulded to look like wooden fencing or stone wall fencing which increases the aesthetics of your home without having to spend a lot of money. If you have a backyard garden, having a fence that resembles stonewall with less maintenance can take off a lot of hassle. Gardens need watering regularly and stone or wood fences will start to grow mould when exposed to regular water. Simtek is water resistant but does not compromise on feel of stone or wood fencing.

Simtek Beautifies Your Property

Simtek gained its popularity due to its versatility. You can choose any type of design you want from Simtek fencing. Whether you want fencing that look like wooden fencing or a fence that looks like stone fencing or any other type of fencing you want. WE can help you to get the best fencing contractors who hold multiples varieties of Simtek fences. Simtek fences provide you the option to choose the type of colour and design all at the same price.

Maintenance for Simtek is hassle free

Simtek is made from synthetic material that does not grow mould and is water resistant. It does not rot or rust due to moisture. It can be cleaned with a wet cloth or Soapy water once a year and other than that you do not need to perform pricey repairs or maintenance on the fence.

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It stands strong on durability

Simtek is considered one of the most durable materials for fencing. It stays strong for years without needing repairs or replacement. It can withstand harsh weather like storms or heavy downpour. The material is difficult to knock in aur break-in into.

Installation is fairly simple

The frames of Simtek fences are premade at the factory. There is only a little bit of cutting trimming and adjusting required while installation. Unlike wood or iron fencing, it does not take a lot of time to install. It does not need noisy cutting devices to work for hours cutting and fitting the fence. It takes only a few hours for the installation depending on the area to be installed. The pillars of Simtek fences are enforced with steel beams that give it the extra support it needs. Once the supports are secured into place, placement of fence panels is very easy.

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Your Privacy Is Our Main Priority

Cost Of Fencing Is Low

From fencing to material cost, Simtek fences are are far more affordable than other types of fencing material. They may come cheap but it does not compromise on the beauty, security or privacy of your property. Whether it's for residential or commercial, Simtek fences increase the aesthetic value of a property far more than many of the common fencing material. Simtek fences or a great screen wall fences if you are looking for affordable screen wall fencing.

Environmentally Friendly

Simtek fencing made by recycling polyvinyl. You don’t need to cut trees or build the fence. When Simtek fences grow old like 10 to 20 years old they can be replaced with new fences and the old one can be recycled for other Simtek fences. Because of its recycling property Simtek is considered environmentally-friendly.

Smitek Fences Reduce Noise

Simtek fences reduce noise from outside the property. It is a great noise absorber due to the composition of it. Stone or metal fences fall far behind in noise cancellation as for as Simtek fences are concerned.

We provide the best quality installation for Simtek fences

We are a licensed fence installation company with years of experience in installing perfect looking fences. We use the best quality material in Simtek fences that is made in the USA and has warranty attached to it. The material stay fade resistant and durable for years. You don't have to worry about repairs or replacement for at least 10 to 15 years. We install Simtek fences at an affordable price and with efficiency. Our installations hardly required a few days and the end product does a great job of increasing the beauty of your property. provide privacy and the much needed security to your house and property.