Rock Creek Fencing

When it comes to Rock Creek fencing your property fenced right to make the most of your investment. And the best way of choosing the right fence, getting it properly installed, and ensuring all your requirements are met, is to make sure you choose the right business for the job.

This is where we come in. At Twin Falls Fencing, we take your fencing needs seriously and that is what makes us among the best in the business. But that’s not all that makes us the first place to visit for fencing your property. There are several reasons why you should consider us for your next fence-related project:

The Rock Creek Fencing Services We Provide

There is a lot that fencing entails and even more is involved when you are thinking about how to make your outdoor space more functional and visually pleasing. We know that and it is reflected in the wide array of services we offer our customers. Our comprehensive range of services is listed below:

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Fence Installation

We offer our services for commercial and residential fencing alike. There are numerous types of fences in the market, each with their own set of advantages. Which one you choose to go with will depend on what purpose you want your Rock Creek fencing to serve.

People most commonly install fencing for security reasons, privacy, decorative purposes, for demarcation of property, or for a combination of aforementioned reasons. Whatever the purpose, we have the experts and resources to deliver the best possible fencing solution.

And to that end, we ensure that we house a huge collection of the different types of fencing option in the market. We list the different types of fences we specialize in:

Fence Repairs

Whether it is a home or a commercial property of any size, we offer fencing repair services to one and all. Rotting, damaged, or improperly installed fences all hurt the value, aesthetics, and purpose of the fence, which obviously hurts the property. We offer fence repairs including replacement of damaged parts, restoration of damaged components, and proper installation of improperly installed fences to our commercial and residential clients at competitive rates. Our team of experts is more than capable of handling fence repairs of any scale, level of complexity, and of any type of fence. And knowing how a faulty fence can render your property unsafe, we understand the urgency of getting the job done, which is why me make sure that the repairs are done quickly and effectively, with minimal hassle to you.

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Gate Installation

Any fencing you have will be rendered ineffective in its ability to provide security if you don’t have the right gate properly installed. Be it a residential or commercial property, our experts recognize that different needs, requirements, and even style of decor require different materials and types of gates to get the desired look. Electric gates are a particularly popular trend these days and we are well-versed in finding and properly installing the right ones for you if that is what you need. Our gate installation service team offers expert consult on what type of gate is best suited to your property’s needs, provides proper installation of said gate, which lasts a long time, and does all this for a very affordable price.

Deck Installation

Properties with large outdoor spaces often find decks to be helpful features to add to their landscape, helping add more functionality and visual appeal. We offer deck installation services to our clients regardless of the size and complexity of the project. Our deck installation service includes finding out what you need, designing the deck the way you want it, getting it approved, and installing it efficiently yet properly to ensure you get a quality product within the timeline given.

deck installation
pergola installation

Pergola Installation

Often homeowners and commercial properties want to add the X-factor to their outdoor space for any number of reasons. One way of adding pizzazz to the outdoor space is to have a pergola or an arbor installed. They serve an aesthetic and functional purpose combined and can prove to be extremely valuable features of the space. We specialize in installing pergolas and arbors in spaces of all shapes and sizes. Our team of experts makes sure to understand what your requirements are before designing something to your liking. Once the design is settled on, we go about installing the outdoor structures with every attention to detail and a focus on getting the job done on time.

As the list above makes clear, we offer a huge range of services to commercial and residential clients alike, and take great pride in the work we do. With everything we have to offer for your property’s outdoor space, we can easily be the one-stop-shop for all your needs. What’s more, we don’t just make sure to offer a wide array of options and services. We also focus on offering quality, customized service at some of the most competitive rates in the market.


If you aren’t sure, then call us today and we will more than happy to give you a free quote for your job.

So, if you are anywhere in Rock Creek, Idaho, and looking for fence-related services or deck, pergola, arbor installation, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We promise you quality, customer-friendly service; one which you won’t hesitate to recommend to your circle of family and friends.