Ornamental Iron Fencing In Twin Falls, ID

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If you ask people what type of fencing they want for their property most will answer wrought iron fencing. It is one of the well known and oldest types of fencing in the market. It is not only the beauty that attracts people towards wrought iron fencing, it is the functionality, durability and utility as well. If you have an upscale elegant property you would want it to show it off and decorative ornamental wrought iron gives you that freedom without compromising on the security. Ornamental fencing increases the aesthetic value of a residence or commercial property.

The Best Type Of Metal Fencing

Ornamental fencing is mainly done with wrought iron and not any other type of metal. There is a reason behind it. Wrought iron is not pure iron, it is made from alloy of iron which has a greater resistance towards moisture and oxygen in the air. As a result, if maintained well such as scraping away any rusting parts and painting it every two to three years can increase the longevity of wrought iron fences to 20 to 30 years.

No Need To Worry About Durability

One of the main factors of wrought fencing is that it is extremely strong. It hardly wears. It secure your property from intruders. It is extremely hard to cut through, it might take the whole day for someone to cut through the iron fence. As a reason they do an amazing job at keeping away any burglars.

Types Of Fences We Provide For Commercial Fencing

Ornamental Fencing for commercial property

Ornamental fencing is quite the popular type of fencing material for commercial properties such as government buildings, corporate buildings, hotels, restaurants etc. They are great to border the walkway, make a partition from the garden etc. They are used in public parks to secure the area where kids play or to secure a pond for pets and small children. It does not obstruct your view from inside or out and give the much needed separation from an area. It is extensively used in commercial areas and public areas.Some of our other commercial services includes installation of decks and gates.

Expert Installation

We have a special team for ornamental iron fencing installation. Our team has years of experience in installing ornamental wrought iron fencing with efficiency. We take great care of your property while installation, making sure not to harm the utility lines. We get all the necessary permits from the local authority and finishing the job on time. The fences are strongly welded together so they don't come apart. It can withstand harsh weather conditions. They secured tightly on the ground, so they can stay durable for years to come.

Wrought Iron Ornamental fences are Environmentally Friendly

If you are environmentally conscious person wrought iron fencing can be a great option for you. They don't need to cut any trees or use Non Biodegradable synthetic material to make wrought iron fences. It does not give out any fumes in the air as well. It does not need to be replaced frequently and even if you want to replace it you can recycle the iron at the scrap yard.

We Provide Customisable Designs

Our fence expert and iron workers can customise ornamental wrought iron fences for your property. Our talented craftsmen can bring about detail and the designs make different kinds of Shape with the wrought iron by using heat. We make the most intricate looking fences that beautifies your yard, make your yard stand out from your neighbours and increases the value of your property. The fences are made by skilled people, coloured and treated for longevity.

There Are No LIMITS tO sTYLE

If there is a fence that can provide you a wide variety of intricate designs and patterns, wrought iron is the one. It is the reason why it is called ornamental fencing. It can be moulded in any shape of beautiful ornaments with world's curves, twists, peaks and points. You can choose customisable design that compliments the decor of your home, looks traditional, it can be formal or casual as well.


Wrought iron fencing does not come cheap, however, the price does not always equate to quality, especially if you choose the wrong kind of fencing installers for ornamental wrought iron fencing. We always charged the reasonable amount for installation and material cost so you get the best out of your money.

Our  team measures and discuss the type of material and provide a free quote to you, so you can plan your budget accordingly.